Monday, 18 June 2012

Modernize Your Old Kitchen Without Remodeling

If you purchased an older home, you probably did so because of its charm, history and perhaps its location in a neighborhood lined with huge old trees. As the owner of a 1940s Tudor, I love my home for all those reasons ... and just put up with the fact that our "master" bathroom is so small, you have to stand with half of your body outside the door to brush your teeth. If you have an older home, you might be able to relate.

Unfortunately, older homes also have kitchens that were made for another generation. Sometimes I visit friends' newer homes that have sprawling granite islands, double ovens and eight-burner ranges — it's hard not to get just a tad jealous of these luxuries. My little kitchen has been around more than 70 years and just can't compete with some of the modern conveniences of a new home.

I would never trade my home for a newer model, but there are still plenty of ways to improve the functionality and look of an older kitchen without gutting the entire space.

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